Romolo Pergola

Romolo Pergola was born in Rome in 1890 and studied as a student at the Academy of Fine Arts under Enrico Simonetti

In 1909 he moved to Paris where he continued to work and study oil painting of portraits and figures until 1914 and the outbreak of the second World War.

After the war he moved to Camogli where he perfected his landscape painting and the use of pastels.

Camogli and the surrounding area,  provided much of the inspiration for his later work and his technique for depicting water in pastels was to become his trademark.

In 1937 he was commissioned to decorate the church of San Antonio in Boccadasse.

In 1960 Romolo died in a motorcycle accident in Trino

During his life his work was exhibited in Paris, Rome and Genova.

The last posthumous exhibition of his work was in 1997 in his home town of Camogli

Romolo’s paintings in oil and pastel are much sort after by collectors internationally